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Gardella Srl was founded in the 1930s on the production of rubies for the Swiss watch industry.

The company then quickly and efficiently responded to changing market needs and succesfully expanded its product base to include, for example, products such as microcomponents in both synthetic ruby and synthetic sapphire for precision mechanisms and water and electricity meters.

Later again the introduction of bearings in natural agate stone for the weighing industry and various other items in technical ceramics brought the company international renown and firmly established the name Gardella Srl as a world leader in its field.

These specialized workings, which continue today, are the basis to an ever expanding technical know-how which has allowed the company to work with new materials such as Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Nitride, to name but two, and realise more and more sophisticated workings which can guarantee accuaracies to the order of thousandths of a millimeter.

A feature that has, from the very earliest days, remained central to the philosophy of Gardella Srl is flexibility.

The company prides itself on ensuring that each project (from the smallest to mid-range) is tailor made to meet the customer’s needs.

The name Gardella Srl is, therefore, nothing less than a guarantee when it comes to the processing of ultra-hard materials which are inherently difficult to elaborate.


Today we are perhaps the only company in Italy that can offer a suitable solution,adapted to fit the individual’s specifications, for all companies looking for:
– Very high hardness.
– Very high precision finishing.
– Very high resistance to wear and abrasion.
– Resistance to high temperatures.
– Resistance to corrosion.
– Eletrical and thermal insulation.

We principally work with:
– Synthetic ruby and sapphire.
– Technical ceramics in Alumina, Zirconia and Silicon Nitride.
– Tungsten Carbide.

On request:
– Small parts in special steels.
– Assembly of parts in metal and plastic.

The main fields of application are:
– Measurement, control and analysis instrumentation.
– Water and electricity meters.
– Electro-valves.
– High precision balls.
– Medical equipment.
– High temperature windows.
– The chemical industry.
– The electronic industry.
– Nozzles for liquids and gases.
– Nozzles for waterjet cutting.

Main products:
– Jewel bearings.
– Cup jewels.
– Vee jewels.
– Bar hole ring stone.
– Bar hole single/double cup.
– End stones.
– Balls.
– Windows.
– Pins.
– Rods.